Who we are

Ours has been an intentionally small company since we started in 1997. All client liaison
is undertaken by the Directors, although we are very ably assisted behind-the-scenes by
a number of associates. Our associates are like‑minded individuals with specific expertise
and deep experience and, in common with many of our clients, tend to have worked with
us for many years.

Carol is a high-level corporate and brand communications specialist, with extensive
experience – from the practicalities of marketing communications to corporate brand
strategy as Head of Brand for NatWest Group. She has a strong interest in reconciling
the challenges of delivering the bottom line with working ethically and sustainably,
leading to her drafting the first Banking Code. As a consultant she has worked on brand
development, positioning and sustainability for financial services clients such as RBS,
HSBC and HBOS and for major charities such as WWF and the Charities Aid Foundation.

Carol works internationally, aided by a good grasp of French, Italian, German and Slovene.